Amy’s Story

I remember when Mrs. Lexie started coming to minister to the women in the Burke County Jail. Back in 2004, Free Indeed Ministries was a dream that I watched become a reality. Mrs. Lexie ministered and encourages me in my walk with God down the road less traveled. She watched me grow and saw the consuming fire of God’s word burn within me. I have continued growing and seeking God daily. I now teach a Bible study group behind these prison gates; I have a diploma in Theology and am working toward a Bachelor’s degree in Christian Theology.

Free Indeed Ministries is not just a local prison ministry, it has helped numerous women in Pulaski State Prison by sending packages and personals, bringing Bibles and have helped bring Christmas to those who have lost hope.

Through Free Indeed, these women know that they are loved. Mrs. Lexie has helped women upon their release to get set up with clothes, apartments and into rehab centers. One person CAN make a difference!

Amy Walden

What the Community is Saying?

Free Indeed Ministries is definitely the heart and mind of Almighty God being manifested through human vessels. This ministry proves that we serve the God of a second chance. God is being glorified through the work of this ministry. Lives are being forever changed and the captives are being set free! Pastor Lexie is a woman after the very heart of God. And as he just keeps on pouring his love into her; she just keeps right on pouring into others.

Minister Vera LeRay Warner Founder/President In His Image: Women of Excellence Ministries, Inc. Winter Park, FL

About Compassion

Lexie shows her genuine concern and compassion daily through her efforts. God has used her to bring comfort and encouragement to the downtrodden. Above all, her ministry is grounded upon the unchanging Biblical truth that offers hope to even the most hopeless. It is a blessing to be a supporter of Free Indeed.

Jackson E. Cox, P.C. Attorney at Law / Burke County State Court Judge

Serving Wholeheartedly

There are only a chosen few who are “truly gifted” in spreading the word of God. Having been given the gift of ministering to those whom are lost, Lexie delivers His message with such conviction and compassion. She gives of herself completely and selflessly; serving with a wholehearted and nonjudgmental approach, thus finding the good in all people. Certainly, God’s will is being done as this crisis ministry has found many lost women “free indeed.

Gina Richardson, RN Administrator Burke County Health Department